MotoGP headed to Marquez’s most successfull circuit: Sachsenring


sportupdate5 – After having a break, now MotoGP teams all headed to one of the oldest and thrilling circuit in MotoGP 2015 calendar, Sachsenring. The eni Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland, will be held this Friday, July 10th until race at July 12th is still attract crowds to watch it live at the circuit. On the contrary of Malaysian round, that held at Sepang, which crowds are decreasing every year.
The original track which first race held at this circuit in 1927, weaved through the streets of nearby Hohenstein-Ernstthal, but when it became too dangerous, Sachsenring was constructed, and has hosted the German GP since 1998.

Marc Marquez has a spectacular record racing here, 2014 1st (MotoGP), 2013 1st (MotoGP), 2012 1st (Moto2), 2011 1st (Moto2), 2010 1st (125cc), 2009 16th (Moto2), 2008 9th (125cc). With all of those winning memories and the remarkable result at Assen, plus a perfect match (once again) with his 2014 RC213V chassis but with a 2015 engine, there is a big chance for Marquez to win the battle at this circuit at this weekend.
But don’t underestimate on the other racer, because Dani Pedrosa already shows his capability to race, after having a pump arm surgey, Lorenzo wanna made another factory, while Rossi has a extra spirit after Assen battle.

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