Rossi: I think it was a great battle as the last time we fought he won!!

Valentino Rossi Assen 2015

Pic. Yamaha MotoGP FB page

sportupdate5 – As we knew,  2015 Motul Assen TT won by Valentino Rossi in an thriling battle with Marc Marquez, especially in the last lap, which already begun at the last ten laps. Rossi, which won the last race from pole position since Misano 2009, already on fire since the qualification session, which also his first pole position this year. And he proofed that his complain, that he has to struggle more to win the race, if he starts from the second or third row, just like he had almost all of 2015 season, made it difficult to win, rather than if he starts from the front row.

Although it was not an easy race for Rossi, because Marquez was also very strong, thanks to his decision to the 2014 frame on his 2015 RC213V engine, which made the bike more ease to handle, rather than the 2015 frame, which rumoured developed by Casey Stoner. No more to much rear slide, to light on the front, its just as good as he expected. The battle between #RossiVsMarquez was becoming more intense in the last two laps, where Marquez able to pass Rossi in the end of the lap, and then Rossi pass him again in the last lap, and finalized in the last corner, where Marquez tried to enter the corner inside while Rossi leading and already made his entry, they touched, Rossi able to put his bike in straight and pushed to pass through the gravel and won the race, while Marquez had a shaking moment with his bike, but also able to maintain the bike well and finished in the second place!!

 Valentino Rossi: “I tried to push hard again towards the end and couldn’t shake Marc off, then I got a bit worried because I was really at the limit of myself and the bike. Marc overtook me and from behind I saw he was very fast, but I knew I could go a little faster. I did a very good penultimate lap with a good time. I saw I had a slight advantage but I couldn’t make the same time again. I hoped Marquez wouldn’t recover, but he did. I arrived in the last chicane on the limit, I entered and saw Marc’s bike try but it was too late. We touched so I had to cut the corner and I was lucky to control the bike on the gravel, it’s hard to know how deep the gravel is. I think it was a great battle as the last time we fought he won”.

Marc Marquez: “You can’t imagine what I feel, I’m really happy because we return to the top. We came back fighting for the win which is the most important. I’m happy because we usually struggle here. Most importantly though, I enjoyed the bike again. There’s still some areas to improve. I was quiet and calm during the race and studied Rossi a lot, learning when I could overtake him and attack. I made a mistake with three laps to go, but I made it back, The whole race I focused on studying the last chicane perfectly, I knew where to put the bike to limit his space but I didn’t think he’d cut the corner. In the end I feel we won the race, but five points don’t really matter for me.”

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